Learn of the many benefits of flotation therapy and tradtional and infrared sauna. Relax and refresh your mind and body. Ease pain, sleep better, be a better you.

Health Benefits

Gravity Reduction


The gravity-reduced environment helps our mind and body relax and provides many physical benefits including:

  • pain relief
  • improved healing
  • joint relief
  • relief from discomfort during pregnancy

Sensory Deprivation

The light and sound free environment provides deep peace and relaxation with the following health benefits

  • stress relief
  • reduces blood pressure
  • relief from insomnia
  • relief from migraine or tension headaches


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - This is another important application for float tanks because there are so few effective treatments for PTSD. This is made more significant by the fact that there is a huge increase in PTSD patients recently. Studies have shown that PTSD can be profoundly helped by floating.

Epsom Salt

People have been using salt baths for hundreds of years because of the health benefits which include:

  • relief from muscle and joint soreness
  • skin and hair benefits
  • detoxification
  • lowering of blood pressure





People have been using saunas for hundreds of years because of the health benefits which include:

  • normalizes blood pressure
  • improved circulation
  • detoxification
  • relaxation
  • pain relief



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Pain Management

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Well Being

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