services - float therapy, sauna

Learn more about our services such as flotation therapy and traditional and infrared saunas.


Flotation is a natural, peaceful way to heal and enhance the body and mind. It consists of floating in a highly concentrated Epsom salt and water solution in a sound and light free environment. The high salt concentration allows you to float effortlessly and gives great relief to your joints and muscles because of the reduced pressure of gravity and healing properties of Epsom salt. The sound and light free environment helps the mind completely relax. This combination of a tranquil environment, relief from gravity, and Epsom salt provides the mind and body with numerous physical and mental health benefits. Please see our health benefits page for more information.

Our rooms are custom built by Float Lab Technologies, the world's only NSF certified flotation chamber manufacturer. They strive to provide the safest, most durable, and most hygienic chambers possible.

Saunas - Traditional and Infrared

The sauna dates back over a thousand years and spans the entire globe. It is a great way to relax, sweat, and rejuvenate the body. Additionally, saunas can help normalize blood pressure, help treat congestive heart failure, and help treat pain and fatigue.

The traditional sauna uses convection heat and is a higher temperature than the infrared sauna. The infrared sauna uses infrared waves to heat the occupants by radiant heat. This radiant heat leads to sweating at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna and may be preferable if you are uncomfortable in high heat.

Our saunas are capable of both traditional and infrared heat and were supplied by the friendly and helpful local store, Chesapeake Spas.