testimonials from customers

Excellent!!!! I’m telling everyone to try it. My pain level is almost non-existent.
— Noreen
My first appointment was awesome, I will be back next week!

Thank you!
— Kevin
Since this was my first experience with floatation. When I looked into the tub area I felt myself get a tad anxious due to a sense of claustrophobia which I do not often feel. I had to reassure myself and thought that I could leave the door open while I adjusted. As soon as I slipped into the water all was fine and I just allow the buoyancy to support me and any anxiety I might have felt just vanished. My muscles and total body enjoyed the high levels of magnesium and my skin felt so smooth and silky afterwards. I left feeling rejuvenated, energized and actually more focused. I have purchased another groupon for my next visit. It was a very interesting and restorative experience.
— Bernadette
Very clean. Very professional. Will definitely be back.
— Robert
I loved my experience at FLOAT! I will definitely be back. It took some getting used too and I think I would like spa music during... but to float and not feel any of my usual pain in my shoulder and joints was blissful!
— Holli
My appointment was great! It took me about 10 minutes to relax inside the tank and to clear my mind of things I had to do but once I did that, I was floating away and I actually fell asleep. My body felt rejuvenated and 75% less tense when I was finished. Everything was nice and clean and organized and check-in was a breeze, I can’t wait to do it again!!
— Kate
I had a great experience, I felt centered and relaxed during and after can’t wait to go again
— Joshua
It was a great experience.
— Willis
It was one of those things I said I would do for the longest amount of time that I have not got around to doing. I think that by the time my birthday came around (which was the day I actually went in) it had been around 2 years and some change since I heard Joe Rogan speak of floating on his podcast. It was exactly as I pictured it. Very peaceful and relaxing. Will be back asap!
— Willis
Being my first visit, it was a learning experience. It was a bit unnerving to shut the door to the blackened tub. It took me a while to let go of the bar inside the tub, after I finally did, I relaxed a bit more. I was able to feel around and get to know my surroundings. Floating was a surreal experience and I know that future visits will be much more enjoyable. My body actually felt great afterwards and I am looking forward to trying it again.
— Jill
...For the past 3 days I have not had my usual achy body. I have had more energy. I will be back and expect I will see more benefits.
— Charlene
We had a great 90 mins experience relaxing and just letting go after a hard week at work and completing a 6-week Biggest Loser challenge. I felt like I was floating in the cosmos and felt utterly at peace. Thanks for the great service. We’ll be back. :-)
— Barbara and Ben
Loved it, will send video and definitely will be back!
— Laurie
It was a good experience will do it again.
— Joe
Pleasant experience last time. Booked again for tomorrow.
— Johnny
Everything went really well! I admit I was nervous not knowing what to expect but the young lady was very informative and put us at ease.
— Vicki
Fantastic. Will be back!
— Ann
The experience of floating in the tank lends itself to a somatic experience. I feel like my body was able to realign and my joints feel great!
— Cristal
It was truly amazing. Thank you for the experience. I’ve sent several referrals your way!
— Jermaine
Enjoyed the experience. Very relaxing and calming.
— Sheila
I had the most rewarding experience! I wasn’t expecting to love it so much and get so much out of it, especially on the first time. I’ve told everyone I know about my experience and Float Annapolis. Thank you all so much!
— Brandan
It was wonderful. At first I was unsure of what to expect, but the dark room and floating was very relaxing. The area is very clean and quiet. Also the lady at the front desk was super nice and very informative.

— Cindy
Sublime. I was very rested and calm by the end of this session.
— Lysbeth
— Kristy
The float was really calming. I very much enjoyed the no light/minimal noise atmosphere. The high Mag concentration helped my newly sprained ankle too!

One suggestion: offer body/hair products that are environmentally friendly. (or if they are, advertise as such). This is a big deal to some people.

Thank you again for the great experience.
— Sherrill
The float session was terrific! The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Never have had done this before generated some uncertainty, but the who experience was one of serendipity!!!
— Clint
Great experience, will be back and I will recommend to my friends!
— Terry
Great! Ill be back.
— Warren
I’ll defintiely be back.

It was wonderful. Clean. Peaceful. Private.

Not only was I incerdibly relaxed (and needed it badly after a rough weekend training) but my skin was (and is still) uber soft.

Nice job FA, so glad you’re in my ‘hood.
— Pam
The appointment was amazing I really think more people should try it
— Anthony
Fantastic. This was my 2nd time. I brought my wife along for her first appointment.

It’s funny what 90 minutes in the tank will do. It relaxed my body and this time I put my arms above my head as the greeter suggested. Awesome and better than the first.

We will be back. My wife loved it also.
— Justin
My appointment at Float Annapolis was wonderful. With it being my first time. I was uncertain what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised and relaxed beyond all expectations. Will definitely keep this in my must do pile.
— Terrie
Thanks for asking. It was a good experience just as the 1st time was also. I’d love to come back and try the other services you all have.
— Crystal
I had a great time! This is my third time floating and I enjoy it immensely :) Its clean, the staff is always friendly, and it is such a zen experience.
— Drew
It was great! Having the sauna warmed up and ready to go makes me feel welcomed and makes the experience efficient!
— Kevin
Chad and I loved our appointments. We look forward to coming back.
— Nicole
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I will be back. I so enjoyed the FLOAT session. I thought 2 hours would be too long, but it was perfect for me. Thanks for following up. Looking forward to the sauna!
— Alycia
— Curt
Love the float...so relaxing!
— Rita
— Lynne
My float was awesome, can’t wait to do it again.
— Kevin
What a great experience! Jeff walked me through the facility and made sure that I was comfortable. Looking forward to my next session.
— Millie
My session was heavenly! Will be back...
— MB
It was a relaxing experience and seems to have decreased some back and neck pain. I’ll be back
Thanks so much for providing the service
— Leslie
As always, my experience was good. Im getting used to the darkness and trusting the ability to float in the tank. My first experience was very nerve wrecking, but now I’m a pro. I was looking for holistic ways to help w/ stress and depression. Thank you Float Annapolis. I look forward to my next visit.
— Cierra
Total relaxation.
— Lee
Thank you for the accommodation. Your facilities overall are well done and offer a great float experience.

I started floating in 1976 at —— University - psychology major. So I was glad to see the opportunity to float here in the area. I travel to Annapolis to consult for a security firm.

See you soonest.
— Mike
I enjoyed my recent visit to FLOAT Annapolis. The attendant was polite, pleasant, and helpful. I arrived early, and he immediately showed me to the tank room and invited me to start my session early (with the original ending time). The facility was clean and customer-friendly.
— Richard
It was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you.
I also wanted to thank you for taking time to explain everything and also for making sure my grandfather was safe. He also enjoyed his floating experience.
— Holly
I was hesitant at first. I am VERY claustrophobic and was very nervous about closing the door. It was suggested that I use the hand towel to leave a crack. While I did not get the full experience, I still came away with great benefit. I have scoliosis and am always in pain. I was amazed with how feeling weightless took away all the pressure I constantly feel in my body. For once, nothing hurt. I felt deeply relaxed even hours after the session. I will definitely be back!
— Tiffany
I just finished with the chair and then the sauna. Now I’m ready for a nap! Thanks Jeff – love your place :)
— Lisa
It was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed disconnecting from the world and calming my self.

The feeling afterwards felt so good. Even as I write this today I remain in a calm state of mind. I will return. This was exactly what I needed in this crazy fast paced world we live in.
— MaryBeth
Not ever doing anything like this and not knowing what to expect, I thought the experience was amazing. It didn’t take long to get acclimated and I found floating very relaxing. My body felt great after getting out. Everything was explained fully. I would definitely do it again. Thanks.
— Vic
I very much enjoyed the FLOAT experience. I left feeling completely relaxed and rested. It did take me a few minutes to gather the courage to shut the door completely but once I did I enjoyed the whole experience even more.

I will definitely book more appointments.
— Wendy
Awesome! Great place and the young lady was wonderful.
— Carol
Very relaxing,will be back.
— Curtis
My experience at Float Annapolis was beyond sensational! The staff was very friendly and helpful, the facility was clean and inviting. I felt safe which allowed me to relax into my float! I highly recommend Float Annapolis!
— Jael
This was my second Float and I fell asleep!! Soo... relaxing and detoxifying!!
I 💖 Float Annapolis***
I recommend it to all my Skincare clients.
— Maxine
It was definitely different than what we were both expecting, but in a good way! I wasn’t completely comfortable in the total darkness, but my sig other was. He had trouble at first relaxing, and wasn’t sure what to do for the entire hour, but after a while, he was able to just float and relax. I had a similar thought, only I tend to think too much on a normal basis and found that i couldn’t stop thinking. At some point, though, I think I stopped thinking. I don’t think I fell asleep, but i don’t remember anything until the music started playing! The water was warm enough and the room was comfortable. Everything was explained thoroughly and our questions were answered. The staff was great! We will definitely be coming back soon!
— Amanda
It took me about 15 -20 minutes to get the hang of it. It was very relaxing. I will be back.
— Mary
— William
Tranquil sensation!! The float chamber delivers an sensationable experience. I enjoyed my time immensley.
— Kemi
It was great! The experience was pretty much exactly what I expected based on the other reviews and videos posted. I’ll be back!
— Jennifer
Great relaxing experience. I will try again in the future.
— Greg
I bought a session for my husband’s birthday (and then quickly changed the appointment so I could also experience a float for myself), and HOLY CRAP it was exactly what we needed. As soon as we got there, my husband decided we should also try out the massage chair, just, ya know, to make sure it was worth the hype.... =)

Needless to say, the afternoon was absolutely perfect. A pre-relaxation massage followed by a TOTAL relaxation float session... it was our first time floating, so the initial feeling is a bit trippy and it takes a few moments to really chill out and sink into a stress-free mindset. But there’s truly nothing like the experience. Jeff was awesome, and he explained everything and made sure our questions were answered before we started. So a HUUGE thank you to Jeff and FLOAT Annapolis - we’ll be back!!
— Sara
I really enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure what I was going to think. The facility is incredibly neat and clean. It took some time for me to completely relax in the tank, but once I did my body just started to unravel itself. I will definitely be back. Thank you FLOAT!
— Kristin
Fantastic! I will see you next month. I still feel the effects today and believe me; I need to stay calm.
— Kai
It was awesome! 3rd time there and I like that the sauna stays on when you come out for a sec! All the staff members are friendly and accommodating. I will definitely be back maybe for the float!
— Katrina
My FLOAT Annapolis experience was fantastic!! I am so looking forward to my next appointment!!
— Maxine
Floating in the dark was a unique experience and it took a little while to relax. However, once my dark exploration of the chamber was complete, I was floating and meditating in total comfort. I bought two hours and am looking forward to the next session.
— Lysbeth
Totally awesome experience. Love the atmosphere and the staff are good people. Will definitely be back in the future.
— Mark
I really enjoyed my float experience! It was the most peace and quiet I have had since pre kids.
Thanks so much
— Kelly
Had a great experience. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Came in due to a low back injury and it was very helpful with pain relief. Would go again/recommend to friends.
— Clarissa
My experience at FLOAT Annapolis was amazing! I took my boyfriend for his birthday and the gentleman there (I unfortunately forgot his name) was super considerate, explained everything in length, and answered any questions we had. It also helped that he was so willing to engage us in light conversation as well. The facility was super clean, we did not have to wait at all, and I felt very comfortable. The atmosphere is inviting and the music selection is smooth.

The hot sauna was absolutely pristine and relaxing. I somehow fell asleep in the tank and I was allowed to ease back into reality on my own time. I would definitely recommend this place to first timers and I will DEFINITELY be visiting again.
— Rashida
My float experience was beyond enjoyable. It was the first time in years my entire self was at peace. I am a combat veteran and struggle with Anxiety. Floating was a way to release anxious energy without fear or judgment. I look forward to visiting again.
— Netty
It was absolutely fabulous!
— Mary
I floated across a vast calm limitless lake ... or so it felt! Awesome! So good! Thanks☺️
— Connie
I have been hearing about the benefits of floating for the last couple of years and finally had the opportunity to try it. I was not disappointed. The entire experience was great and I am looking forward to my next float. I live near Bethany Beach, DE so I had to work this into my schedule while I was in the Baltimore area. I am looking forward to my next trip to the area so I can float again.
— Chris
My visit was amazing ! I did both the infrared sauna and the float . I am constantly on the go, never live in the moment because I am always thinking about what I have to do next on my list . My mind never seems to stop and I never truly relax . I went to Float Annapolis to try to establish a base line to work towards . Mission accomplished! I am still feeling the benefits days later . Can’t wait to go back.
— Joan
Loved it and will be back!
— Avery
I had a great session and have already made an appointment for my next! The tank was definitely better than the one that I experienced in ——— and I really enjoy the coloring books as well :). See you next month!
— Lara
Awesome experience. The staff couldn’t be friendlier or more informative. I will definitely be floating at Float Annapolis again.
— Allen
My float, which was my very first float, was absolutely spectacular! It took some time to completely settle in, and get used to the total lack of stimuli, but once I did, the wave of relaxation that came over me was beautiful. It was as if my body did not exist anymore. I was there, floating in space - just my breath and my heart beat. I have never experienced anything like it! When it was over, everything seemed slower. My body still felt lighter. I loved it, and plan on making floating a regulare part of my self-care routine! Thank you!
— Kelly
My experience was interesting. My mind tends to be active and curious, so I had a fun time understanding the different nuances of the experience (sight deprivation, floating manipulation, etc.). As a result, it took some time for me to reach a state of relaxation, but once there, it was a nice experience. I’m not sure if it works for me, but I’m willing to give it another try and would encourage others to see if it works for them. Thank you for accommodating me on short notice.
— Chris
Second float there, 10/10 experience. Thanks so much to Jeff and Chris for the work they do.
— Tim
It was awesome. Next time I want to stay for 2 hours. The one thing that was very strange was how time felt. It was like time extended and then compressed. When I was first in there, I couldn’t get my mind to relax, but once it did, it was like time flew by.
— Joe
I’d go with ‘one of the best days of my life’. The best floating experience I’ve had EVER. I cannot thank FA enough for existing.
— Ben
I loved it and am telling everyone about your deal at Heritage Harbour.
— Lynn
Floating was better than I had originally expected. It was very relaxing and I look forward to doing it again. I certainly feel more relaxed and I also feel less stressed. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone
— Justin
One word – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
— Debbi
The appointment was excellent! I’m a huge fan of floating, this was my second time doing it and will definitely not be my last :)
— Drew
My appointment in the floatation tank was amazing. It was so relaxing and it really helped my back release pain. My son also enjoyed his float. He just finished up his first semester in college so the float was a nice way for him to wind down. We will make a video. Thank you.
— Melodye
%$#! amazing! Can’t wait to come back ASAP!
— Jonathan
In a few words, I loved it. Jeff (although under the weather) was welcoming and inviting. He took a few minutes to give me a tour and we went right to the float chamber.The facility was nice and exactly what I expected. I enjoyed my first float and would certainly come back again soon.
— Howard
Just wanted to say thanks for the great experience! Brian loved it...I’m so glad I found you in time for his Birthday. Your place was awesome, your equipment was legit and it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you. Thank you again for letting me chill in the massage chair! I’ll definitely spread the word...
— Sierra and Brian
Absolutely wonderful! I am addicted.
— Allison
I really enjoyed my float experience. My only regret was doing only one hour. To those interested, I believe two hours is necessary to fully acclimate to the setting and truly appreciate the experience. Can’t wait to set up my next appointment. Thanks for everything Jeff!
— Sean
We really enjoyed our first float experience and hope to do it again soon.
— Brian
I really enjoyed my first floating experience! I felt amazing after. My mind and body were fully at ease. Jeff was very friendly and very informative. I definitely will recommend Float Annapolis to everyone I know. I think everyone should float!
— Dennis
— Mel
Awesome experience! The facilities are top-notch, the owner couldn’t have been nicer to talk to, and the tank “flight” was definitely on my list of things to repeat as often as possible. I came out of the tank totally refreshed and seeing everything in a new light. I highly recommend Float Annapolis as a real asset to the local community; we are privileged to have such a nice float center in our backyard. Again many thanks to Jeff for his time and I will be back as often as possible!
— Jeff
Hi, It was great. I’m definitely going again. I’m a police officer, and I was looking for something other than a massage to de stressed, and floatation therapy definitely did it’s job. I’m trying to convince my squad mates to go with me. I will see you soon. Thank you so much.
Take care
— Diana
$%!# was transformative. Something that should be required in schools and in each home. In a world of constant distraction and instability we need to be able to release ourselves and remember that we are all just floating...
— Terrell
My first time and I decided on 2 hours. Once inside, I had no idea how I was going to do it but after a while I melted away. Next thing I remember the music telling me my time was up.
Amazing experience. Will be back with the wife next time.
— Mel
Floating is the best way to relax and reboot. I find it highly therapeutic.
— Drury
Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. My wife and I had a great time floating. The tanks were clean, as were the rest of the facilities. I have been wanting to try out a tank for a long time, and plan on doing it again in the future. It’s a pretty amazing experience. I am glad you went with the higher quality tanks from Floatlab. I believe they are worth the investment. I hope that business continues to be well, and if I ever start that float center of my own over here on the eastern shore, I will deninitely hit you up for pointers. Thanks again.
— Tim
My experience at Float Annapolis was fantastic! Relaxing, peaceful, and restorative. I left feeling better physically and mentally. I look forward to going back!
— Tricia
As always our float was amazing!!!! I have the utmost respect for what you’re doing and am so thankful you’re close enough to come somewhat regularly. I don’t think I could live without it. see you soon.
— Ben
It was great! My back felt terrific this morning. I’ll be back soon!!
— Laureen
Thanks I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be back.
— Stephan
See you soon, will look at the wife’s schedule, to get us both in, fantastic time yesterday, recharged my battery.
— Ceasar
Hey Jeff,

It was great! Both my Mom and I had a positive experience. Overall, I felt like everything was well managed and comprehensive. As for any constructive feedback, I did wish I had one or two more towels, or at least one towel or mat where you step in and out of the tank since it can get a little bit slippery when entering and exiting the tank (We have since re-textured the floors). Also, my mom mentioned that she would have liked to have had a better idea about what the water depth was going to be prior to entering the tank, as she thought that it was going to be a lot deeper. Her issue with this, however, was not a major one and, as I stated earlier, she felt that the experience was a positive one.

Thank you so much! I hope that this experience will encourage both my mom and other members of my family to give your floatation center a shot :).
— Benjy
Bottom line up front: I went into my float session with some pretty bad neck pain from a poor night’s sleep (also due to lingering back problems), and I came away from it with no trace of pain at all. So, given my trouble getting rid of pain, I’d have to say that I’m sold on floating.

From the time we stepped in the door, this place was welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. The owner was very nice when he greeted us, and he generously gave us a familiarization tour of the spa, making sure we knew how it worked and where everything was.

The design of the float rooms (showers, amenities, etc.) was high end, and the float chambers were top-of-the-line models. Being my first time “floating” it took a minute to get used to the sensory deprivation of the complete silence and lack of light (hint: you can leave the chamber door ajar, if you prefer), but once I settled in, I was incredibly relaxed. I easily could have kept going for another hour.

Tips: use the ear plugs if you don’t want salty ears afterward. Drink plenty of water before and after your float!

Excellent experience all around, and I will DEFINITELY be going back! Thank you, Float Annapolis!
— Jaid
Our pleasure! We will for sure be coming by monthly if not more often if we can afford it. Let me know if you have any packages coming down the pipe we can sign up for. Would like to try the infrared sauna sometime too. See you soon man. Cheers.
— Ben & Ashley
It was awesome! Looking forward to coming back regularly. Thanks for a great experience.
— Rob
I haven’t felt this calm inside for years.. thank you for opening FLOAT Annapolis. I’ll be back.
— Nance
Thank you! I am completely relaxed and look forward to returning!
— Monica
The Float experience was pretty awesome. First of all, I loved the place. Nicely appointed and very clean. And I really enjoyed the hour in the tank. Once I got over the novelty of the feeling of floating I really started to relax and get something out of it. As soon as I know when I’ll be back up that way I will make another appointment, for sure. I feel like I have to use it several times to get the proper hang of it.Thanks again and will talk to you soon.
— Enrique
Really enjoyed the experience. Like nothing else I ever done. If you could lay on a cloud this is what it would feel like to me. I will be coming back.
— Shawn
It was great. I’ve told everyone I’ve seen that they need to check you out. Bringing my sister in about 2 weeks.
— Kelly
Had a great experience yesterday!
— Erik
Cant waitfor my next visit. Hopefully early July.
— Brent
It was great!

Hope to come back soon and try out the new floors! :)
— Nikki
Thank you! I will definitely be back!
— Kristi
Hi. It was fantastic! Thank you!!
— Sandy