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Offering peace and relaxation to the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. Stop in and heal your mind and body with Flotation therapy and traditional and infrared saunas. Experience the many health benefits such as reducing stress, pain management, and improving overall health and well being.

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I enjoyed my recent visit to FLOAT Annapolis. The attendant was polite, pleasant, and helpful. I arrived early, and he immediately showed me to the tank room and invited me to start my session early (with the original ending time). The facility was clean and customer-friendly.
— Richard

Our spa features state of the art flotation rooms and infrared and traditional saunas, all of which provide numerous physical and mental health benefits. Please see the health benefits page for more information.




What is a “float spa”?

For thousands of years, people have sought out the healing qualities of water and salt in places like the Dead Sea. A float spa is a modern spin on the ancient practice of using salt water to decrease physical pain and increase mental clarity. FLOAT Annapolis provides two private, soundproof float rooms that allow our clients to float weightlessly in a pool of skin-temperature water and Epsom salt for one hour or more at a time. The abundance of salt in the water creates a feeling of zero-gravity which allows the user to float effortlessly like a cork, taking all tension and pressure off of your joints and muscles. The absence of external stimulation such as light and sound provides the ideal environment for your body and mind to relax in a way most have never experienced.

Why Float?

In today's busy world, we have little time to just relax and be alone with our thoughts. Many of us are overworked, overstimulated, sleep deprived, and generally just stressed out. Floating provides an escape from all of that, and gives your body and mind the opportunity it needs to relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful and serene environment.

For some people the benefits are physical - floating can help reduce joint stiffness and muscle pain, and can be used as a supplement to physical therapy. For others, the main reason for floating is mental rest and clarity. Stress and physical discomfort are often linked, and many people find that floating eases both.

Many people combine floating with their yoga and meditation practices, as it is easy to enter into a deep meditative state during a float. Some people report feelings of heightened senses (because of the sensory deprivation in the pools) and an unleashing of creativity and focus. Almost everyone who tries floating experiences increased feelings of relaxation and restfulness, and a decrease of stress and tension. The deep relaxation that you feel after a float is comparable to the way you feel after a really good night's sleep.

When is the last time you did something just for YOU and your wellbeing?


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